Crafting For Etsy

As an advanced crafter sometimes I find it hard to not be as good as the adults. I have loved to craft for as long as I can remember, and I can make many things. People tell me that my stuff is amazing, and I take for granted what skill I have. So now that I am crafting for Etsy it is hard. Sometimes I make something and it’s not good enough. I remake it, but it’s still not good enough. Because I craft for myself, and no one cares if it isn’t great, I find it hard to not be good enough. I don’t like making things six times before it’s good enough to go against the adults. I hate it when my mom tells me that it is amazing for a twelve year old, but still not good enough. I have to be as good as an experienced adult, which can be very hard for me, even though I am a good crafter.

Making for Etsy is fun, but I’m not a perfectest, and so it’s hard. Even though I am great at crafting it’s still hard to go to a new level. I guess I shouldn’t take for granted what skills I have, and you shouldn’t ether, whether you have no skill, or heaps of it.


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