A Hairstyle for Mckenna

I decided to do a hairstyle on Mckenna. This is how it turned out.DSCN6352[1] Ready to do it on your Mckenna?DSCN6342[1]

First brush our her hair.

DSCN6346[1]  Part her hair wherever you would like. DSCN6347[1]

Pull down two strips of hair about the same amount in each section. DSCN6348[1]

Braid them (Or twist, or fishtail, or french braid, or french ponytail,) all the way to the end. DSCN6349[1]

You can ether just flip the hair back, DSCN6350[1]

Or tie it up.

Join the two braids in the back with a hairband. DSCN6351[1]

Now you have a headband. You can ether leave it down, DSCN6352[1]

Or tie the rest of the hair back. Ether way Mckenna has a sporty hairstyle.


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