A Grace Inspired Bag

I was going to do this step by step, but I just made it, so here are some pictures that might help you make your own. DSCN6332[1]

I used a mint tin, ribbon, hot glue, and scissors. DSCN6333[1]

I covered the edges of the tin. DSCN6336[1]

And I did the top and bottom.


I did the sides. DSCN6338[1]

After covering the tin with ribbon, I made a flap, trimmed it in ribbon, and added a piece of ribbon and a handle. DSCN6339[1]

I am going to add some Velcro to keep it closed, but I couldn’t find it, so I just held it down.  DSCN6340[1]

It looks nice on Grace.


It opens like a lunch box, which it might get used as.

Overall I am happy with how it came out. It could be better, and I would like it more if there wasn’t a seam, but Grace loves it.

Happy Crafting!


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