Halloween Party Part 1

My dolls had a Halloween party, and I took pictures. I had a ton of fun, but I took more then 100 pictures! So this will be posted in several parts.


Faith sat on the couch, greeting the girls who came. All of the family was supposed to dress up and come.


The house was decorated for Halloween.


Lots of candy.


When everyone was there, we lined up into two groups. Faith explained the rules.

“It’s a relay race. One team has to bob for candy rocks, each girl bobbing till she gets her rock, and the other team is drinking the water from the barrel. Each girl has ten seconds, and a straw, and you have to suck up as much water as possible. It is mostly fair.”


Mckenna raced over and put her face in the bucket.


Then Isabella raced over to suck.


It was almost over. Joy went to get the last rock, and Katelyn went to suck. The bobbers won. Joy’s team cheered until Faith shushed them.


Katelyn just picked up the bowl and drank.


We gathered around Faith.

“Next we are going to mummyfy someone. Who wants to be a mummy?”


Isabella and Rachel raised their hands, and Rachel was picked.


We made a line to mummyfy her.


Rachel waited on the bed to start. Everyone got a turn. We took pictures of everyone.




Now Rachel is a mummy. She looked funny, so we took a picture. We helped her out, and moved onto the next thing.

So what do you think of the party? The mummy was fun to make. The next part will come tomorrow.


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