Costume Accessories

It’s the day before Halloween. Everyone is excited, finishing up their costumes, but maybe you need a last minute costume. Here are a few ideas to turn a normal outfit into a costume.



So let’s start with the butterfly. Isabella is wearing a dress that I made for Mckenna as a first day of school outfit, but It’s only really been used as a butterfly dress. Right now Isabella is Isabella. She needs wings and antenna to be a butterfly.


For antenna you can just twist pipe cleaners together.


To make wings, start be gluing paper to thin cardboard. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to cover up the cardboard.


Fold in quarters and cut out a wing shape. Unfold and you have wings. I covered my wings in lace, and glued ribbon on to hold the wings on.


Now Isabella is a butterfly.


Cat (Or lion, Or Dog, Or tiger, Or anything else that has ears, whiskers, and a tail)

Abby is wearing a dress that I got at a thrift store as a baby dress. It works perfectly as a cat dress though.


For ears fold a piece of paper in half, and cut the shape you want out.


Open it, glue it around a hairband, and fold the shape shut.


Now we have ears. For whiskers, cut a triangle out of paper, glue strings to it, and then glue a hairband on it, and slip it around your dolls head.


Whiskers Abby has.


For your tail, fold a the end of a giant pipe cleaner around a hair band.


Now Abby is a cat.

For the witch broom:


Start by cutting a pile of straw, or whatever else you want to use as bristles. Cut the bendy part off of a straw.


Start gluing bristles in the straw. You could stop here, or you can glue more bristles around the edge of the straw. Ether way, you can glue a piece of ribbon or string around the top, like it’s holding everything together.


I glued ribbon around my broom several times, to help hold the bristles on. You are done.

Now you can easily make a last minute costume,


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