Minnie Mouse Costume

I wanted to make a Minnie mouse costume for my dolls. I don’t like Minnie mouse all that much, but when I saw a few at a costume party, I decided I liked it. You could make this as a dress, but I made it as a shirt and skirt, so it will get more use after Halloween. I used what I had, so the cloth isn’t really Minnieish. It works though.


Introducing Minnie! (Without the ears, because I haven’t made them yet.

For the skirt:


Cut a length of cloth, double how much you would need for a tight skirt. Mine has a hem on the bottom, so I don’t need to hem it, and the top will be in the waistband.


Cut a strip of cloth to be a waistband. Glue your skirt cloth to the waistband, right sides together, ruffling it as you go. I put a string of glue, folded the cloth over in the string, and glued the waistband to it, all the way around. Now fold the waistband down, and glue it to the other side.DSCN6194[1]

Your skirt is done.

For the Shirt:DSCN6196[1]

Use a tube (Like a sleeve or pants leg) of black cloth, or just some black cloth. Pull it on your doll for sizing.


Cut slits for the armholes, and pull it up. Cut the shirt off however long you want it.


Turn the shirt inside out, and glue the top of the shirt together, right next to the slits.

Cut cloth to be the sleeves, and glue it on like you did the waistband. Turn inside out.



And you’ve got a shirt!


I am going to put a bow on the shirt, but I haven’t done it yet. For the ears, I will do a tutorial, on how to make costume ears.


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