Little Red Riding Hood Costume


Grace is going to be little red riding hood for Halloween. Your doll can be one too. Here’s how:

I used an old dress, but you can use anything you want.


For the skirt: Cut the bottom off of a sleeve. My sleeves have patches on them, so I cut right under it.


Now you have a skirt. The cloth I used is knit, so it won’t unravel.


For the cape:

Use your doll to measure how long how want the cape to be. Cut a piece of cloth, big enough to be the cape.


Measure with your doll’s head how big the hood needs to be. Cut a slit in the folded material. Turn it inside out and glue on till the slit.


Cut from the hood to the end.


Tie on your doll’s head…


And be little red riding hood.


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