Giveaway Winner

This has been a fun experience for me. I started with 25 followers, and now I have 31. I ended up with 28 comments, and every time I got one, I was excited. The most popular outfits were the red riding hood, the grace, and the overalls outfit. I wish I could give everyone what they wanted to win, but I only have one of each outfit, and four mailers. Here is how I picked the winner.DSCN6006[1]

I went to the comments page on the giveaway.


I coped and pasted everyone’s names, on my word program. If you did more then one thing, you got an extra entry for everything extra you did.


I printed the page out.


Then I cut all the names out, and put them in a bowl.


Here is Mom drawing the names.

And the winner is…..


Christian Homeschooler, with the 4th of July outfit.  Christian Homeschooler, look for an email from me.

Thank you so much, to everyone who entered!

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