American Girl Love To Layer Accessories

When I bought Eileen, the Truly Me accessories were on sale, and buying them with the doll got you five dollars off. I decided to buy them, and I am happy with them. They make a lot of outfits better.

Here is all the stuff laid out. There is a jean vest, tutu, 6 soft hairbands, headband, and three clips.


The vest has ruffles, three patches, a cuff, and a diagonal zipper, with a star zipper pull.


It is lined with fleccey stuff.


The tutu has two layers of pink tulle, and a glittery waistband with a bow.DSCN5908[1]

Here is closeup of the hair stuff. The head band is covered with shimmery, gold cloth and has a sparkely gold bow. It had a ginormous tag, but I cut it off. We have three clips, in magenta, bubble gum pink, and lime green. There are six soft hairbands in assorted colors, but I wish there was two of each color, so they can match if you braid her hair.


Here is Eileen wearing the jacket. It fits well, and looks sporty. It looks sort of like a girl scout vest, because of the patches.


She can also wear it backwards. I like the plain look.


Eileen is wearing the tutu. It would work as a ballet tutu. I like how it looks over the dress.


Here are both. I like it, but the mix of sporty, and girly is a little weird.


They also work without a anything underneath them. The tutu works, but in real life it is sort of see through. It would work with a leotard though.


The headband is really cute, but doesn’t do all that much for holding the hair back.


It doesn’t come all the way down.



The clips don’t hold a lot of hair, but they still work for twists and such.


The hairbands work well, as they are stretchy enough to hold all the hair, yet work for just a little.

Overall I give this outfit a four out of five. It could be better, but I still really like it.


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