American Girl Eileen



The story behind this doll is that I fell in love with the meet outfit before it came out. I decided to save up for a truly me doll, that looked like me. When they came out, I realized I could get just the outfit, but it was too late. I wanted the doll. I decided on 27, because she looked the most like me, (Even though she didn’t look very much like me)  and we when we went to the american girl store, On the website that morning, I realized that we should look at the redheads. We looked at the red haired ones, and decided that 33 looked the most like me. Even though I don’t have red hair, her hair color is close, and instead of wavy hair she has curly hair, which doesn’t matter to me, and I happen to know that her hair will soon look wavier than curly. DSCN5874[1]

Here is Eileen in her meet outfit. She is a beautiful doll, and I love her a lot.


And then here is that lovely dress. It’s lavender and girly, it has three quater sleeves, a shiny belt, and layers off tulle at the collar and end, some with sequins. It’s way to short, in my opinion, but that can be fixed with leggings. She has a cloth body, and pink underwear.


The belt is silver with silver threads woven in. In the light, it shines. The belt is not removable, it is sewn on, and splits in the back where there is Velcro.


Then here we have that american girl charm. This picture is sort of blurry, but I like that it shoes how shiny the tulle is. There is a layer of purple tulle, and a layer of silver. The purple layer has small sequins.


Eileen wears sky blue flats, with shiny silver dots on the front. You can feel the sparkles of the dots, it feels like glitter, but they don’t shed glitter.


And here is Eileen’s face. She has a side part, and her right side’s hair falls across her face.


She has a classic face mold, which to me means that the shape of her lips are different.


Here eyes are pure blue, no other colors mixed in. Her eyelashes are long and in a line, not spread out like humans are. Her eyebrows are a bunch of small lines painted on.


She has strawberry blond hair, but I call it golden, like mine. They call it red, but it doesn’t really look red. It is curly, with a bunch of curls down her back.


Her arms can go out, and not just around, like most other dolls.


She can cross her legs, but I can’t get her to stand up on her own, while doing it.


Her legs can twist out.


And she can sit, anywhere from wide, DSCN5893[1]

to her legs together.


Her head can turn, but It can’t tilt.


And she has long neck strings, that if you untie her head comes off. The back of her neck has american girl on it.

So there is my review of Eileen, Truly Me 33. I love her, and think that everyone should have a 33.


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