Thrift Finds-The Perfect Outfit


Wondering how I got this dress? You might be surprised to find, that It wasn’t always a dress.


I bought a preemie onesie for a dollar at valley thrift. It was too big to be a leotard, so I the end off, to make it a dress.


Since the end wasn’t big enough to be under where, I put it on Eileen’s head. I like you it looks like a kerchief, but my sisters say it looks stupid.


I also found the pants that were made to match the onesie.


They are baggy, and the top comes way up, but I don’t care.


I rolled the top down.


You can see the lump, but with a baggy shirt, or dress it wouldn’t matter. The pants don’t work with this dress, because they are made out of the same cloth and look like a jumpsuit, but if I hem the dress it might work.

I also found some other pants, for 29 cents. They are baggy, but made of fleece, and can be used as pajama pants.


I wrapped a pipe cleaner around her waist.


I folded the top down.


Now I have some pajama pants. I still like the dress best.



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