Grace’s Exchange

A few months ago, I found that Grace’s lipstick was coming off. We asked about it at the american girl store, and they said that that couldn’t be fixed for free. I decided that I didn’t like the spot, so I emailed the doll doctor. They said that they could exchange her. Next time I was at the store, I brought Grace, and everything that came with her. I brought the receipt  and the letter printed out for backup.  However when we said we wanted and exchange they didn’t need ether of those things. They just took her and took another doll out of a box and gave her too be. I thought that was interesting, that after they said we can’t do anything about it, when we took Grace up, they just exchanged her. If you want an exchange. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. The first people said no, But when we didn’t ask, they did it.


Since she is a new doll, and not the old one, she looks much better now.


Her hair shines again.


And her lip is better.

I am sort of glad, I waited 8 months to get and exchange, because I got a new doll all over again.

Dolls can be exchanged, you just have to do the right thing.


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