American Girl Earrings

When Grace came out, I wanted to get her ears pierced. However, I only had enough to get the doll. When I got Eileen, I knew she had to have pierced ears like me. Both of them got their ears pierced. There are several good things about the earrings, and I just love them. Some outfits look better with them.


Here are Grace and Eileen with their hair pulled up, so you can see the earrings.


And here are the earrings. Eileen’s starter earrings were the blue jewels, and Grace’s were the red hearts, so they both have two pairs of the same earrings. Eileen has star dangles, hoop dangles, blue jewels, and silver balls. Grace has red hearts, blue bows, and Eiffel tower dangles.


If I wanted to put in the dangles, I would get a pair of dangles,


Gently Pull on the earrings in the doll’s ear,


Until they come out,


Put the dangle that I want on the earring I want, And gently push it in.

Eileen has some hoop earrings, that instead of being a flat piece of metal, they are shaped.


Here is Grace and Eileen wearing the earrings.


Then we have the bag. The straps are a little long, and I wish it had been a little bigger, so I could put a mini doll in it, but I love that it is a doll bag.


Lots, of room, but not enough for a doll.


And here are the earring tips.


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