What I Got At The American Girl Store

I had been wanting what I got for awhile. I had almost enough to buy it, and my Grandma gave me 100 dollars to spend. There were a few things that I sort of wanted that I couldn’t get, but two hundred dollars was a lot. I got a lot of stuff, and I am very happy with what I got.


You have seen most of this already, but here it is all together. So the biggest thing I got was a doll. She is truly me 33. When I saw the doll dress, I fell in love with it, and decided to get a doll. When they came out I saw I could get just the dress, but I wanted the doll too. I had been wanting 27, but when we got to the store, she didn’t look much like me. We picked out 33. I had never considered 33, because she has red hair, but it really does look like me. She also has curly hair, and although I have wavy hair, I keep it in braids, so it won’t matter. I named her Eileen. She got her ears pierced, and I got the girl dress. It was on sale, and I needed a new dress. My mom actually bought it.


You might be wondering why Grace is in this picture. Her lipstick was coming off, and I wanted to return her. I exchanged her, and got a new Grace. She has better hair now, and her lips are better. I also got her ears pierced.


Here are the earrings. Grace got hers, and Eileen got the truly me ones. Grace’s starter earrings were her hearts, and Eileen’s were the blue ones. Some of the earrings have holes in them instead of a stick, so you can hang them with whatever you want. I have made several of these out of shrinky dinks.


What I really like about the earrings, Is that they came in little american girl bags. I have been wanting one of these, and now I have two.


As you can see I also got the truly me accessories. They were on sale for 5 dollars, and I got 5 dollars off. Here is Eileen modeling some of the set. It comes with a bunch of stuff, but I got it mostly for the clothes.


And I also got the hair brush. It is about the right size for a doll, and now I can do the dolls’ hair ‘right’

There will be more about everything in other posts. I will probably review everything.


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