American Girl Store Columbus Part 5

So this is the last part. Grace’s collection!


We are staring with Grace’s spatulas. They have cupcakes, and the no kid hungry logo. Grace is there.


So here is Grace’s book, and cart. If you buy her dress and cart together, you get 5 dollars off. I love the dress. Pink, and sequins. I would wear that!


Then we have Grace, and her spatulas again. The display is placed in front of her section, so you can see a lot. They also have the aprons, and her baking outfit. I didn’t get a picture of the bakery, because there were people playing with it.



I managed to get a picture of the picture area without me in it. Grace and Bonbon are wood. It looks like her bakery, but everything is nailed down, and you can’t sit in the chairs. Grace is really short from my view, but I am a tall 12 year old, and she is about the right size for her age.


Here’s Grace’s sightseeing outfit.


And her travel stuff. You can sort of see the Bonbon shirt.


Her travel thingy. In my opinion, they are useless. A weird size for a human or doll. If they had made it a suitcase, or even a  bag, it would have been better.


And then we mostly have the movie on display, but you can see Bonbon, Grace’s city outfit, and her sightseeing accessories.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Next I will be doing what I got. Any guesses?


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