American Girl Store Columbus Part Four

So now we are doing……….BEFOREVER


Here is the Samantha display. Isn’t it weird that the bike is pink? Pink, pink, pink. My favorite color is pink, but I still think that they should use another color! Samantha’s collection before, was much better, and seemed to be more time period.


Samantha’s gazebo This was really fun to play with. The lights turn on, and with all the sets they put in there there was lots to do.





Caroline’s skiff. In most of the story, Caroline’s skiff belongs to the family. But it makes sense for american girl to make it hers.


Rebecca’s bed is nice, but it really is nothing special.


And Julies bed. They had it all set up like a bedroom, with her bed, chair, and vanity. Julie’s bed is beautiful.


And the mini dolls. Josefina hadn’t come out, and nether had Maryellen.

And that is all. Grace is next.


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