American Girl Store Columbus, Part Three

Moving on to Truly Me.


When you come into the store there are some displays. Here the first one is displaying the meet outfit and accessories, the snack cart, and backpack.


This one has the sweater outfit, which I think is nice but the boots are a little strange. I have never seen purple boots like that. The science fair set is cool, but it doesn’t come with much. I like how, in the other one, they had stuff so that you doll could do science. The flip top desk, is really cool, but it is more of a home desk then a school desk. I like the hot lunch set, because it is really real looking. The outfit she is wearing is really cool, in my opinion.


And here is the sailing set.


Here is another snack cart. It came with a lot of stuff.


I like the purple outfit a lot, but why would they put a tutu, girly outfit, with the sports stuff? The bench itself, is nice, but it is a lot smaller then I had expected. It is not really high enough to be a bench!

Here is the basket ball set. They changed the colors, so it isn’t just purple and blue. Mom always thinks that they sell the crutches set with the basketball outfit, but it is sold by itself.


The tents set is okay. I like the skirt. Why do they have the band thingys? I don’t know what they are, but I guess they could be used as a headband/bracelet set.


Mckenna is posing with the gardening bench.


Since last summer, the pets don’t come with names. I like how they have magnet mouths, so they can hold things.


The bed is nice, as is the bathtub.


The horse stable has fence pieces that you can move around, which I think is cool. The doll can ride on the horse.


This is where all the earrings and glasses are.


The winter scene, is sort of weird, because they have an ice skater, a skier, and a random girl. The ice skating set is really pretty in person, but the winter white outfit is sort of weird, with the shorts over tights.



The styling salon.


The rest of the hair stuff. I have no idea why they have the braids, because it is fairly easy to braid a little strip.


Then we have the camping stuff. I played with this for awhile, and it was fun. Lots of little pieces. But the price….


A bunch of random stuff.


The girl dresses.


And lastly we have a bunch of pretty dolls. I did not get a picture of the other doll display. My favorite doll is here, can you guess which one?


4 thoughts on “American Girl Store Columbus, Part Three

  1. Fun pictures! 🙂 The bands with the Tennis Outfit are for when the doll “sweats” and she doesn’t want to get sweat in her eyes. I think they have just so it looks good, not because the doll sweats. 😉 I’m guessing your favorite doll is the one with curly red hair and blue eyes. Am I right? 🙂



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