American Girl Store Columbus-Part One

You are in for a treat! I took 43 american girl pictures at the store last month. I will post them over a few different posts. It was a month ago, so they probably have rearranged the store, but there is a lot of pictures.

We will start with the bitty’s.


Here is just a view of the bitty baby area. The boxes have heart shaped holes, and the twin boxes are double. They have some outfits, and a stroller and bed. Looks like a wagon too. DSCN5343

Here are all the different choices of bitty baby’s.


Here are the twins, the bed, some more outfits, and the suitcase thingy.


Another view of the bitty stuff. This time you can see the crib, changing table, and some outfits. I really like the pink, orange, and yellow outfits, but they aren’t something I would buy.

This is all the pictures I took of the bitty area.

To be continued


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