Grace Movie Review


I got the Grace movie (My family calls all of the american girl movies, character, movie, or Grace movie.) from the library. It was a great movie, and I am going to review it. I am going to tell a lot of details, so if you don’t want to know what happens, DON’T READ

     Grace is in the bakery baking, as the credits come up. Master chef comes up on an tablet. Grace’s Grandma tells Grace she should be on that show. Then a little later she films Grace saying why she loves baking. At home Grace announces she needs a bike. The subject comes up of a business. Grace and her friends sell a bunch of cupcakes at a game. “Nothing can stop me now!”  

     But her mom tells her they are going to Paris. At first she doesn’t want to go, but she warms up to the idea. In Paris she isn’t really getting along with Sylvie. She goes to the Paris, and ends up pieing her uncle. Later when she try’s again to make something, she drops the berry’s, slips, bumps into a shelf, knocks the flour over, and when the whole room is a mess, her uncle comes in…….. and gets pied. 

  Grace finds out that Sylvie does speck English. She says that she had nothing to say, but Grace says that that would be nice to know, so Sylvie goes around the room. “It would be nice if you put your book on the shelf instead of the desk.” She puts it on the shelf “And the jacket in the closet instead of on the floor.” She does a few more things “And one more thing, You have too many shoes!” 

   Later, after the baby is born, Grace gets Sylvie out of trouble, Sylvie confesses, and they become friends. Grace wants to help her uncle, so when they see the owner of a hotel that her uncle really wants to provide the patisseries for, they try to bring some macaroons to him. They sneak inside the hotel and get caught, several times, before they see Bonbon. They finally send Bonbon in, and the owner eats the macaroons. He wants to see the other treats, so they have one last party, before Grace leaves. 

  At home, Grace finds out that she gets to be on Master chef. She decides to use part of the decoration, as her food from the table, and it wins. She flies Sylvie to the states with the winning money, and they all live happily ever after, (Sort of) 

I focused on a few things, but there is much more. The music is great, and the whole movie is way worth watching.


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