First Day Of School


A teacher stood in a classroom.


Sandie Came up to the teacher. “HiI’mSandieandI’msohappytobehere!”

“Whoa, slow down!”!

“Oh, sorry. I’m Sandie and I am happy to be here.”

“Well I am Miss Faith, and I am happy to be here also. I will be your teacher.”

“Cool! Do you know if there are after school dance classes?”

“There are. Do you like to dance.”

“Yes I do. I wore my dance shoes today, so I can dance during recess. Mom says that I dance everywhere.”

“Well there are hooks around the corner, for your bag. Please hang up your bag, and sit down.”



Sandie went into the locker room. There were lots of hooks.


She picked one, and hung her bag on it.


Then she went back to the classroom, and sat down.


Another girl came to the room.

“Hi, I’m Katelyn.”

There was more, but Sandie didn’t listen.


When Katelyn came back, she sat next to Sandie, and they talked.


The classroom filled up, and soon it was time to start.

“Hi, I am Miss Faith.” The teacher said. “Let’s go over a few things, and then we can introduce ourselves.”


A girl burst in. “Is this Miss Faith’s classroom?”

“Yes it is. Have a seat.”


She flopped down at the nearest table.


“We are going to start by studying sea life. Isabella, would you like to pass out these papers?”


Isabella came and passed out the paper.


Then Faith put markers and pens, on the tables, so that they could make a chart of sea life. Then it was recess.

Today is my first day of school, and next is recess. The dolls went back to school too, and I will show you the classroom later. 


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