Lily Anna’s Troubles, Part Three

These next posts are short, but they have a lot of story in them.



We all stood to sing. I decided something. 


I went to the front. “Faith?” 

“Yes Lily Anna.” 

“I have decided something. I want to be baptized.”  Cheering was everywhere. “But first I have to ask him to be my savior.”  Faith prayed with me. 

“You will be baptized at the closing ceremony tomorrow. 

I couldn’t wait. 

“But you said that everything was too terrible and you couldn’t, Maria said “What happened” 

I started a story. “I decided that no matter what happens to me, I want to be able to rely on Jesus. And I guess I just got used to it. I decided That I need him.” 

“But what happened?” 

I was quiet for a moment. I was remembering things that I didn’t want to remember. When I spoke it was much quieter. “When my parents got divorced, my Mom lost it. She got drunk, and often left my sister Ida and I alone. A few months after it happened, I ran away. I was on the streets for awhile, but soon I ended up in an orphanage. It was terrible. When I was running an errand, I saw something about this camp. I escaped, and ended up here. Now I have nowhere to go. “

“Oh Lily Anna. You shouldn’t be dealing with this alone.” 

After Faith did some research, we found out that Mom had died. Ida was with my grandparents, who didn’t want another child, even me. I was a orphan. I was supposed to be in  foster care, and Faith offered to foster me until we could find a permanent place. 


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