Doll sized school supplies





This week is back to school week! It’s not an official week, but I don’t start school till next week, and I wanted to do some back to school stuff. After camp, though, I have some awesome stuff to share. (From my birthday) DSCN5611[1]

A few days ago, I went shopping for doll school supplies. Today I am going to share with you what I found, and what else I have.


First of all, we have the paper stuff. I got the folders as a giveaway, made the other folders, and made the clipboard. I got the tic tac toe, at the dentist. I cut the paper from bigger paper, and I won the paper and holder, at my AWANA, I have several notebooks, and you can get them at Walmart, target, Michaels, Kroger, pretty much anywhere.


The scissors both came from mini sewing kits, the black thing is a mini  sewing kit that I can’t open, and my parents gave me the stapler, but you can get them at Walmart or target.  The erasers are just normal erasers, and I got the recorders as prizes, but I think you can get them at places like Oriental trading. The mini crayons and paint came from a gift shop, but you can get them on Amazon. I bought the mini tape and pack of erasers at the dollar store.


I had the box, and it was small enough to be a pencil box. And the rest of it came from an art set.


I found the pencil box at the dollar store. They had mini sharpies, but they came in 1 packs, so I got the 4 mini permanent markers instead. They also had the pens, and I got the markers from a coloring set.

I hope you found this post helpful, to find school supplies.


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