Set up a Lu’au


For the last day of this week, I am doing a lu’au.

Hula skirt.

First your dolls will need a hula skirt.


Lay a piece of tissue paper over your doll, and measure how long, and wide it needs to be.


Once you’ve got that cut, cut it like fringe, and tape it around your doll.


Instead of making tissue paper flowers, I had this flower  necklace, that I decided to cut in half, and tie it to make two doll necklaces.  I did the same with another necklace. Dress your dolls in hula skirts, and whatever else you can find. I used pearl bracelets, shell necklaces, and hats. Some of my dolls were wearing leotards, but I didn’t dress them all in leotards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         DSCN5605[1]

For the party room, I used the gym. I sprinkled the leftover flowers on the floor.


And hung up my shell chandelier.


I put my fairy lights on the ground, and brought in the dolls.  DSCN5608[1]



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