A Mermaid Story


A little girl sat on the sand of the ocean. It wasn’t too cold, or too hot, a perfect day. She should have been delighted, but she was scared of mermaids.


So it didn’t help much when a mermaid popped out of the water.


The little girl shrieked and backed up. The mermaid tried to comfort the little girl but it was no use. DSCN5587[1]

Finally the mermaid jumped up and pulled the little girl into the sea.


She struggled a little bit, but soon she settled down in the shining sea.


She popped above the water to see where the mermaid was.


“Oh there you are. I’m Mermaid Mary. I am sorry that I had to do that, but if I didn’t, you never would have come.


“Let’s go down to my home.” Mary grabbed the little girl’s hand and down they went.


Down in Mary’s home it was empty, but a light reflected on the water. They talked, and shared many secrets. A few hours later they had to leave.


The little girl sat on the shore again, this time not afraid.


Mary held out two shells, on elastic thread.


They modeled the necklaces.


The little girl jumped back in for a hug.


She waved as Mary dove over and left.DSCN5600[1]

And then she was gone.


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