An Afternoon At The Beach


Abby, Maria, and I, went to the beach, in honer of summer by the sea week. 


“But I don’t want to get  wet!” 

“I thought you loved nature?” 

“Fine! But only my legs!” 

We started by getting our toes wet. 


But soon we pulled Abby into the water. We floated, DSCN5556[1]

And swam. 


Soon we were splashing each other in a game of catch. 


“Tornado!” We saw what looked like the beginning of a very large catastrophe. 


We swam as fast as we could. 


Huddled on shore, we saw that it wasn’t really bad, and it was calming down. 


But it had given us quite a fright and we left. 

The volcano was actually a baking soda eruption in the first picture, and alka seltzer in the second one. We played around with eruptions today, and I decided to use the pictures. 


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