Bake Off!





Mckenna, Grace, and Joy set up their stands. Each one is trying to get the most money. The money goes to camp, and the winner gets an extra dessert for the rest of camp. DSCN5530[1]

“Okay campers.” I said. “It is time for the official camp bake off. There are three stands, and they are competing to each sell the most. So go out there and buy!” 


The girls stood at their stands, waiting for the girls to come. 


A mob of girls came rushing toward the stands.DSCN5535[1]

I walked up to the ice cream stand, to get ice cream. I walked away with a delicious sundae.


All around, from all sides, every stand was always busy. 


After Faith announced, how good Grace’s treats were, a line formed at her stand. 


Slowly the line shortened. 


And shortened. 


Finally it was my turn. But all that was left was a few treats. 


I paid for what was left, then I realized that I had a ton of money left. 


I bought all of Mckenna’s treats. 


I walked away with a ton of treats. 


Then I bought a ton of ice cream. 


When we were done, the stands looked deserted, with little left. 

In the end Grace won, and got an extra treat for the rest of the year.

I hope you enjoyed my photo story, and end of the week post.


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