My Life As… Snack Stand




For My birthday my mom got me the my life as… snack stand. She almost didn’t get it for me because, it was big, and I could easily recreate it. I like making things, but it is also good to have ‘real’ things. It is very good, but several things set it apart from American Girl. It would be a good alternative  to Grace’s pastry cart.                                 DSCN5497[1]


Here it is all set up. It comes with 4 signs, a cash register, money, 2 lemonades, 2 milkshakes, 3 cupcakes, 2 cookies, a tray, 2 plates, and 4 napkins.


Here is Grace at it. It isn’t really any taller then her, but you can still see her face.


Close up!


The box implied that the shelves were made to be in the back. I think that it looks fine ether way, but if this is the front then why are there holes?


Here it is without treats.


And the other side.


The first shelf is shallower then the second one. The drawer also opens.


It can hold most of the stuff.


Here are the signs. I think it is weird that the stand doesn’t come with everything on the menu. The price for lemonade is different on the two signs. They are made out of thick, (bend and tear-able) cardboard.


There are two milkshakes, and lemonades.


The cups are pretty much Communion cups. The drinks come out of the cups. The cups stack. They don’t look really weird, but it’s weird that they come out of the cups.


Lots of detail, but if you want them they could easily be made with resin and pony beads. The lemonade has pony bead ice. I don’t mind using pony beads in my own drinks, but I have come to expect way better from this company.


The cookies fit on a tray.


The cookies have lots of detail, and the tray looks well made, but it is silver plastic, and not metal.


There are three cupcakes. It looks like they have wrappers, but the icing is unrealistic.


It comes with two plastic plates, and four cardboard napkins.


The cash register is plastic.


It has a sticker with numbers printed on it.


The drawer opens, and there is money.


The money is thick paper.


And here it is again.

I am going to use this a lot. Starting tomorrow at the bakery battles.


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