Make a doll jewelry box


Last year I made a Jewelry box for my dolls during camp. I like the idea so here is how to do it.

You will need:
Card stock or a box
aluminum foil (Optional)
Felt (Optional)
You can skip this step if you have a box the right size,

​Put two of your matchboxes side by side on the card stock and trace around them. I am only using two but I would recommend four.
Mark two dots about a centimeter up from the line.
Use your ruler to draw a line from one dot to the other.
Do it all the way around.
Set two of your match boxes on one of the longer lines and trace around.

​You should have two rectangles, one of them with lines around them.
Cut the shape out so that it looks like this.

​Bend on all of the lines.

The side without the flap should have little squares. Cut on one of the lines just enough so that it starts to fold into a box.

Glue the flaps that you just cut to the side of the box and the other end to the other side of the box.
Now you have a box for the top.
Cover your matchboxes with card stock that matches your box. You could also use cloth or duck tape.

​Glue the matchboxes to your box. You could stop here or you could keep going.

​To make a mirror I took a piece of aluminum foil.

​I folded the sides over so that it was about the same size of the lid of my Jewelry box and glued it on.

​I also lined the bottom with felt.
There are many variations that you could do to this craft. Don’t just make it like I did, Take it and make it your own!


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