Frog Play


When we came to the frog place I was overjoyed! So many places to run and play!


I ran up the steps to the top.


Then I sat down at the top to enjoy the view.


I slid down the slide.


Then I turned and went inside to play.


It was plain inside but so much fun! I wriggled though the tube to the other side. DSCN5251[1]


I came out of the tube and sat, deciding what to do next.


I climbed on the tube to get to the top. DSCN5254[1]


Then I lay on the top.

Play places for dolls are so much fun. You can just put several different things down for them to climb on. I used a shelf from target for the stairs and slide. I used a big box for the inside, covered with a skirt and a lid. Inside their is a box on it’s side and the tube my guinea pigs love. All you need is several different things. 


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