Make a Grace!



Do you want Grace, but don’t have her? Today I am going to show you how to make another doll look like Grace.


Pick a doll that looks like Grace, maybe one people have mistaken for Grace. I am using Maria.


Put her in a hair chair, or between your legs. Take her hair down, if it is up, and brush it.

To Make Bangs


Pull a piece of hair from the LEFT side of the part. Decide where you want it, to make it look like bangs.


Set that piece aside.


Take a piece of hair from the top of her head, and divide it into three parts.


Start braiding, but every time you cross over the right side piece take some hair from the hair line. This will make it a french braid.



When you get to where it is starting to go down, stop.


Sweep, that piece of hair over, and divide it into three parts, and put one in each strand.  Braid until you get halfway down, then tie it off.


Here you can see that the hairstyle looks like Grace’s.




To make freckles you will need a brown, washable, marker. I am using a wet erase one.


Make small dots on her face.


Dress her in similar  clothes, and voila! It’s Grace! Or at least my mom would think so.




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