Garden Fun








The dolls switched from station to station. I am going to show you how I did the stations and then what the dolls did their.           DSCN5081[1]


First up is Abby, at her gardening station.


I made the planter thingy. I cut the egg holder from and egg carton, and stuck Popsicle sticks with names of veggies on them in the egg things.  I cut some off the top and slid it in the sides of my bucket base.


I glued sticks to the edge of the side things to make a trellis.


I glued rolled up paper and pom poms to the trellis for peppers and tomatoes.


I cut brown paper and put it in the bottom.



Abby stood behind the planter to teach the girls. She gave them a short lesson, and then she asked them to help.


Joy weeded.


Rachel picked the ripe veggies.


And Sandy watered.

The girls left, but Abby stayed, waiting for her next group.


In the next both all of the pots were lined up so that the girls could plant stuff. I used mini pots and real dirt and seeds. You could make pots and dirt and pretend to plant them or you could do it for real. I am using a real, small watering can but you could make your own.


Faith helped the girls plant their plants, while everyone else waited for their turn. When they were done they moved on.


Grace ran the garden market station, because she had experience with running a stand.


I used a stool for a table. All of the food is fake food. I put some of it in hanging baskets. The lemonade is in a sherbet bowl. I sorted the food into different bins and baskets. Some of it went under the bottom half of a cup, that comes apart.


When the girls came, Grace talked about setting up.


They chose a plan, and set up.


The girls from the other stations came to buy food. It was a big mob.


Grace yelled LINE UP! and they all lined up behind what they wanted to buy. Each girl took came of a product, and Mckenna did money. When that was done they all went to the other booths, and it started over.




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