Sandy’s Story

At first I called Sandy Willow. I didn’t know her real name, and I thought she looked like Willow. I changed her name to Sandy, because that is what it really is.

My name is Sandy. I was played with  so much my hair was crazy. One day I found myself on a shelf. Other dolls were there. I found one Rachel, and one named Abby. (Who apparently followed me to where I went, because she was there.) I started talking to Rachel constantly. A girl came up with a doll. She picked us up. 

“I am not allowed to get them, am I?” She asked her Mom. 

“You are not.”

Later she came back though. She picked Rachel up. Walking up the aisle. 

“I am not really allowed to get all three?” 

“Look at her! What would you do with her?” 

“I can fix that. I don’t care.” 

“You can get her if you will sell two.” 

She raced down the aisle. She picked me up and we left. 

This is Sandy’s story. Now for a review of her.


This is Sandy. I dressed her the closest to the original that I could.


Although she has marks on her face, she still looks great. I love the blue eyes. Her smile is nice too.


Although her hair is better than it was, it still is frizzy. I think that she looks cute with a frizzy ponytail, but it could be better.


The back of her neck says BATTAT.


Her arms and legs are lose, but she can sit and stand.


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