Lily Anna’s Story

I used to  be played with. I acted out my stories and my hair was brushed till it was frizzy. Then One day after my hair had been colored, I found myself naked on a shelf at a thrift store. People walked by and some picked me up, but I was always put down. None wanted me. Then came a little girl that looked like me. She picked me up.

“Mom can I get her?”

“Look at her! She is terrible”

“I can fix that!”

Sigh “It’s your money.”

She carried me around the store. I went home with her and two other dolls. At home I was restored until I was better.

This is Lily Anna’s story. Now I am going to do a review on her.


This is Lily Anna, head to toe. I dressed her in the closest to her meet outfit I could.


She has a sweet face. Blue eyes, and a soft smile.


Here is her hair. It is VERY frizzy.


The top is shiny but it is still bad hair.


It is best in braids, like on her book cover.


I got the book from goodwill, a couple of months before I got Lily Anna. The cover has a nice picture on it.


The back of the book tells what is about.


It is in black and white, and it has a few pictures.



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