Red white and blue


As soon as we got back to camp from the bakery battle place I set about putting everything away with help from Sandy and Mckenna.


Soon everything was in place and ready. We decided to use some of the supplies and things we learned about to make something for all the campers. Here is how we did it so that you can do it too. 


We took three hunks of dough in red, white, and blue.  (They used clay.) You can use whatever you want but we made it in 4th of July colors. 


For the flag cake start by rolling out some white dough. 


I cut a rectangle out of it and then removed the rectangle from the rest. I set the extra clay aside so I could use it later.


I set the rectangle on a piece of rolled out blue dough and used a pen to make another rectangle. 


We made a red rectangle and set it on top of the others. Just make it the same way as you did the others.


We used that pen to cut away a square for the stars. Cut a square out of your red rectangle and put it with the rest of your red dough. 


Roll out red dough and flatten it to make strips. Put the strips  on the cake and put circles on the blue for stars. 


Take your leftover dough and make star cookies with it if you wish, or use it for something else. To make a star flatten a ball.


I Used my  pen to pull out points or flatten it into points. 


This is what my stars looked like. 


And here are all of the cookies and cake together. I got ready to bake them for 15 minutes. You can bake them for however long is needed. 


After baking we put the cookies and cake together and got ready to serve them as a end of the week treat. 

This was fun to do because I did the story in several different perspectives. I just told by way of the dolls how I made the cookies out of clay. 


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