Last time


“Here we are for the last round of bakery battles. Today you have some dough and you have to make pie. Whoever wins this round is the winner.”

No one saw Sandy sneak in and take some dough.


I made a pie crust out of my dough. I got some lime zest and dried fruit.


I separated out the limes and put some in. I sprinkled lime zest on it and then baked. 



I grabbed some sugar and strawberry jelly.


Then I made the crust.



I mixed sugar with the jelly until it was thicker. I put it into the pie and sprinkled it with sugar.


I grabbed lime and strawberry jelly and put my dough in a pan.


Then I swirled the jelly around for a lime strawberry pie.


I came to discuss the pies and I was surprised to see Sandy here. I judged her pie though.


“The winner of this round is Sandy. We will have another round cause she only won one round.” 

“You said that the winner of this round won the whole thing.”

“I wasn’t expecting you.” 

“You said!” 

“Fine! You win! We need to tear down the bakery so you get all of the supplies.” 

I groaned. 

“Susan? We all go to the same camp and live in the same house. So how about we share the prize?” 

Everyone agreed and we all went home happy and content.

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