Baking treats



This weeks camp theme was bakery battles and I was going to be in them so I went to where they had moved all the stuff. I was really sad that I couldn’t do it at camp but I wanted to have fun so I just had to go with it. I put on an apron and started to make something.


I set out a bowl and a spoon.


Then I spun around to all the supplies and picked out the milk, flour, and eggs.


I turned to the counter and set everything down.


After I had cracked two eggs I poured flour in the bowl.


I tipped the sugar until I had enough.


I added a bit of pumpkin cake mix and stirred it into dough.


I got out the mixer and mixed till it was ready.


I got out a cupcake tray and papers.


I slid the papers in.


Then I added chocolate chips at the bottom so that when the cupcakes cooled they would have a chocolate bottom.


I scooped batter in and baked them.


When they were done I sprinkled sprinkles and M and Ms on them. I added a peanut butter cup on top and they were finished. I was ready for the bakery battles!


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