70s FUN


We were just sitting and talking. And wishing we could be part of the 70s fun. 


Then suddenly. 

“I come bringing craft supplies and 70s fun.” 

We all screamed. “It’s just Hope bringing craft supplies and 70s fun. Wait 70s fun? And Hope?” 

“Lexie went home for a bit while running some errands. So Faith told me to bring some stuff. I made it on the way here.”


Hope started handing out stuff. First she gave us some flower over-skirts. 


Then there was yarn to braid into our hair and for belts. 



Then colorful braid clips. 


Next there was cloth to tie on our heads. 



And then there was ankle bracelets and matching blankets. 

“Don’t you want to join the fun?” Grace asked. 

“I have braids, a anklet, and a blanket. I got all 7oed out at camp so that is what I have.” 

“Thank you Hope!” We all shouted joyfully.

“We shouted happily not like me.” 

“Isn’t that what I said?”


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