Evening activitys


For our evening activities the girls who wanted to be in the show went to the gym for auditions. Counselor Faith begin talking. 

“Each of you will sing a song and then tell a story.” 


“Wait!” Willow yelled. “I wanna be in it too!” 


Willow started singing. 


And then Joy did her audition. 

When everyone was finished we went to the camping area for songs and a lesson. In past nights it had been too cold so we did other stuff but we had time now. 


Everyone gathered to sing but Lily Anna just sat in the hammock. 


I led Lily Anna to the infirmary where we would be alone. 

“Why were you alone?” I questioned “Why weren’t you singing?” 

Lily Anna didn’t answer immediately. But finally she said: 

“I’m not a Christian. I don’t want anything to do with them.” 

“Then why are you here?” 

Lily Anna started crying. “There is nowhere else to be. I am all alone in the world and I thought that I could stay here.” 

“Oh. Being here is okay. We won’t push you. But you do need to join in with the others. It is okay this time. But not again.” 


And then I led her to the craftatira where they were serving ice cream. 


2 thoughts on “Evening activitys

  1. Oh, poor Lily Anna! Hopefully she’ll become a Christian soon! 🙂 I love how you made the ice cream shop table and benches- the water bottles look really fun! 🙂



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