Camp-Craft time

Counselor Faith thought that today’s craft would be one for everyone. So we went to the craftatira. (I like to call it that because it is for both food and crafts.)




We waited for Counselor Faith to bring the boxes we were going to decorate. 



A view from the top of all the craft supplies we could use. 


As soon as Counselor Faith put the boxes on the table I was sad. They were small, and most of them had tipped over. Most of us probably were going to use them as jewelry boxes. A few of the girls got up to get supplies but most of us just talked. 


I looked over to the other table but they were just staring at their boxes too. 


When our time was up I looked and saw that Riley and Lily Ana had covered their boxes in matching duck tape instead of talking. 


We put our boxes in our shelf’s in our cabin. 


“It’s okay.” I said “You will get over it. You are just new.” 

“It’s just that I am so sad about what happened before.” 

“You will soon get over it and have fun. I promise.” 


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