New campers

Real activities will start tomorrow but today I have a surprise. More information about it will come soon. 


A few of us were eating breakfast early so that we could help serve the other girls.


A few girls came to the table that counselor Faith was sitting at.

“We are here to check in.” They said

“Check in was yesterday but that is okay.” Counselor Faith said. 

And then we all went to the gym for welcome games. DSCN4571[1]

 We all gathered and said our names. We played a few welcome games and then sat down to here Counselor faith talk. Then we divided into groups. 


My friends and I went to the camping area. We lay down and then talked until we fell asleep, tired from our journey. 



A few of us were at the pool. We came across the subject of the new girls. 

“They’re very shy.” Riley said 

“But think of how shy you were. I think that we should just be as welcoming as we can to make the girls feel at home.”


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