Welcome to CAMP

Camp officially starts tomorrow but my dolls came to camp a day early to get settled. 


I, Maria went to camp. I was the first one there because I was helping out. It was the perfect end to my month, the first day of camp. I got there and filled out some forms for Counselor Faith.


I went to the cabin to put my stuff down. Then I went to the infirmary to start check-ups on the girls who came.



Grace and I arrived at camp. We parked our car and went to the registration desk. 


We walked up to the desk. We were greeted by a counselor named Faith.


She asked us to sign some forms and give her the pre-sign-in forms. After that we were told to go to the infirmary and then to the cabin to put down our stuff. When the bell rang we were supposed to go back to the cafe.


We went and Maria was there, telling us to get on the bed and sit down. 


I got on the bed while Maria checked my hair for lice. Then I sat down and Grace got checked.


We then went to the cabin. The beds had brightly colored blankets that looked like big bandannas and little bags on the beds. 


We put our stuff on the shelf, chose beds and tiered from our journey fell asleep. 


When the bell rung I had just gotten here. I listened to the counselor talk. 

“Everywhere in the camp is small. We are lucky to have a camp but we will rotate in groups because of the size. Right now however, We are going to take a tour.” 


She led us to the camping area, with a tent, a couple of trees, and a hammock. 


She led us to the pool. 


And then we went into the gym for welcome games.


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