Camp Infirmary

Camp is coming up so I am going to show you the infirmary and what I did to make it.


This is the infirmary before painting. I had a desk, sink, shelf, bed, and chair, but it wasn’t all that it should be.


The shelf was made from a spice rack that I got at Goodwill and a cardboard box.


I painted everything and added details so now everything is ready to go.


Up top is a bed for girls who are sick and need to lay down. I put it up high because it is a small space under my desk that I have the infirmary in and I needed room under it.


Maria has a desk under the bed with a tissue box and a mini sewing kit to mend all the rips and tears that are bound to happen.


(Sorry about the blurriness.) Next to that is a sink with cups and a wheelchair.


In the corner there is a chair for waiting/examining.


And then I have the cabinet for supplies. There are towels and soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, mini band aids that I found at Walmart for less than a dollar, a stethoscope made out of earbuds and wire, a roll of gauze, mini white pompoms for cotton balls and a bottle that came in a doctor set that I got.


In the drawers are the rest of that doctor set and travel shampoo.


Up on that rack is cough drops which are plastic covered beans, aspirin, beads, rubbing alcohol, a bottle that is supposed to be sunscreen, mini Popsicle sticks for tongue depressors, and mini hand sanitizer.


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