American girl store Columbus

My Mom and I were in Columbus so we stopped at the american girl store. We didn’t have much time and I didn’t really get to see everything but it was fun. I also took a lot of pictures.


The school desk set and backpack set.


The desks and locker. This was one of the displays you could really play with.


The snack cart. I think that this is really cool. They have drawers and food and a sink. Lots of fun.


The new gardening set. This set has a lot of different pieces and even has places for most of them.


The hammock turned out to be plastic. It was very nice but expensive.


The bed has a trundle and shelf. It is really cute.


There is a new bathrobe but the salon set is the same. IT is a lot of fun.The dolls looks so relaxed in their chairs.


The doll display.


The other doll display.


And the girl sized dress. It has pockets and a belt that I think is removable.


The table was in glass, I was surprised that they didn’t put the breakfast on the table.



The bitty baby display had the cradle and changing table. They both look very nice but scaled wrong.



I like the music sets. It is cool that the dolls are dressed for a recital or something.


The art studio is a book that includes a lot of cool art stuff but I would think that they could at least make the paint tubes plastic instead of card stock.


All of the bitty twin dolls. I think that you can buy two girls or two boys but they showed them in girl, boy, pairs.


The bitty twins had a wagon.



And a trundle bed like the dreamy daybed.


Inside of the bistro is nice but it looks sort of weird with the bar like thing.


Behind glass were the bath sets.


And here are the horses.


Here are all the american girl bags and such. I like how there is a two doll bag and then a two mini doll bag for the dolls.


This is all the dolls in different styles.


And Grace getting her hair brushed. My Grace has paint coming off on her lip so we went to ask about that. They said that it was probably from dropping the doll and the only thing that I could do would to send her to the doll hospital. One of the hair stylists offered to brush Grace’s hair so while she did that we talked. She said that in June Grace’s movie would come out but her third book was already out. She was using a big wire brush on Grace’s hair instead of the American girl one. She took out a double sided brush like a tooth brush after the brush. Then she took a tooth brush, sprayed it with the water she was using, and swept it over Grace’s bangs. She also re braided Grace’s braid, which was good because I have never taken it out. She also put a ribbon in her hair.


Grace at home. Now Grace’s hair looks nicer. I am glad that the stylist did Grace’s hair and it was all for free!


After getting her hair done Grace decided to take a ride in Julie’s car.


Then she went to her bakery to have breakfast.


Cooking up something.


And waiting at the pickup window.


I was wearing a pink skirt that I had bought and put a black bow on to look like Grace’s. Here I am holding my size of the skirt next to me and Grace on the other side. The american girl version is the same color but my size of the skirt I have is much longer, which my Mom likes.


Grace with her welcome stuff.


And in her baking outfit with her baking set.


Grace’s coat and suitcase.


The grace picture thing looks a lot like the bistro set for Grace. There is a menu and Eiffel tower centerpiece. Grace is very short and the chairs are nailed to the ground.


Grace in the egg chair.


And Samantha’s gazebo.

It was a fun visit and I was very glad I went.



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