Meet  Counselor Faith!



I got a new doll a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t been able to share her with you. I got a my life as……. a camp counselor doll. She didn’t come with a name so I named her faith.


Her shirt has a flower on it and her shorts have stitched pockets.


Her shoes are little hiking boots. She also has socks.


She has freckles and big brown eyes. She has a camp hat with a string behind the braids.


The back of her head says CITY TOY.


She has a chest plate made out of plastic so that straps look better but her arms and head don’t move as easily as the legs, which are connected to the rest of the body which is cloth.


And her clipboard has a handle on the back and reads: Go swimming, Chase butterflys, Make s’mores.

I  love this doll and if you need a doll for a counselor you should get her.


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