Thrifty Thursday-Hammock




I wanted to make a hammock for my dolls as soon as I saw the release.DSCN4313[1]download

Here is the inspiration for the hammock and the real thing.

Here is how to make your own.


Get a box that is big enough for your doll to lay in. This is the best I could do but If I had a bigger one I would have used that instead.


I got my dad to hep me and we cut off the corners and flaps. You could use scissors but a box knife might be better. This is your base.


Cover it with contact paper. (Or Paper, Or cloth, Or duck tape, OR paint)


Cut a piece of cloth into a rectangle. I had a dress that I used to wear and I thought it would be perfect with the flowers and flip flops.


Gather the end and tie it with ribbon or string.



Cut a slit in the end of your base and stick your ribbon in and tie it and cover the open end with more contact paper.


Do it on both sides.


Open up the cloth, give your doll a magazine and let her relax!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest! There is still time. Here are the rules.


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