Friendship Bracelets.


Abby came up to Maria.

“Hi Maria!”

“Oh hi Abby!”

“I haven’t seen you in awhile. Would you like to do something fun?”

“Sure. Let’s make friendship bracelets!”


We sat down

“I have the yarn!” I said

“So what’s new with camp?” Abby asked


“They are going to have a contest and I am entering.” I told Abby.  “It is writing a story and they will pick the best one for a camp play.”

“That sounds cool.” Abby said “Can I enter.”

“I think that the whole world can enter.” I said “But I am going to make sure that all the dolls enter.”

“Cool!” Abby said “But let’s get to our bracelets.”


We sat with the yarn in front of us to pick colors.

“How about we each make a bracelet and then trade?”

“Works for me!”


As we started on out braclets we talked.

“How was your month?” I asked

“It was great!” Abby said “All of the spotlight was on me and I got to do a lot of fun stuff. How is yours going?”

“Good.” I said “It is fun. I can’t wait till camp though.”


We both had finished bracelets so we traded.


We put them on, linked hands, and yelled: SPRINGFIELD FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your dolls can make bracelets too. Embroidery thread works well for yarn and any simple pattern is pretty. 


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