Thrifty Thursday-Science and Dolls


Hope and Katelyn found a box by the door.

“What do you think is in it?” Hope asked.

“Let’s find out.” Katelyn answered.


We sat down and opened the box. It was filled with a bunch of projects.



We pulled out a light and at attached it to a battery pack.


Hope pulled out a guitar and started playing it.


We found a fan.


And I pulled out a scale but Samantha jumped out of the doll house and started using it as a teeter totter.  We just moved it aside.


I found a stick. That was not making it into our lets do this science next year cause of all this cool stuff pile.


Then Hope had the idea to hook the fan and lights together. It works! We looked at each other.



“I was in the SHOWER!” Maria grumbled

“We found this cool thing and thought that you would want to use it in camp.”


This is what they did with it.


I am getting really lazy on Thursdays. I forgot it was Thursday. (What happened to Wednesday?) and turned this into the Thursday post. But if you did cool things in science you could use them for dolls. I put the fan and lights on the same circuit to make a cool thing for the doll cafeteria. The fan is actually solar powered but you can use battery’s for it too.


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