The Fairy Garden


“Wake up, Wake up!” Ruthie yelled. “I have something that you HAVE to see!”

“Fine but this better be good or I am confining you to it for the next week.” Samantha grumbled.


The girls stood next to it.

“Okay, Turn around.” Ruthie said


We came in. It was a beautiful garden with a bench, and a swing, and a pond, and even a gazebo! Everything was a bit too small but we could sit on the bench.

“This is amazing!” Holly said.

“You fit right in.” Kit joked. “You are a plant too.”

“I wanna live here like the Hollys.” Holly replied.

“Let’s go show the mini Isabelles.” Samantha said and everyone agreed.


We went to the Isabelle house and got everyone.


We showed the garden to them and then left.


“This place is great.” Dancer Isabelle said.

“It is like a fairy garden with us the fairys.” Normal Isabelle said.


“I love the gazebo.” design Isabelle said.

“Well I love the whole place.” Dancer Isabelle said.


Bethany just sat on the swing and watched. I loved the swing, it really worked.


“It is like a little forest.” Design Isabelle said.


“I also love the little bridge.” She said


I actually made the garden at a program at the Library yesterday. It was supposed to be a fairy garden but I made it the right size for this.


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