Stop yelling!

Random name, Yes I know. I couldn’t think of anything better.

I have been stuck on camp lately so I went outside to think about other things.


I sat on the bridge and gazed at the water. It would be fun to go swimming in this during camp. I thought.


On the hammock I wondered how much fun camp would be.


I wondered how much time we would spend outdoors.

Then I decided to just go in.


I wasn’t prepared to come it. Grace was yelling: I can’t bake, Katelyn was rolling for a random reason and everyone else was screaming.


“I know we are all excited  for camp but STOP YELLING and come with me.”


I took them to the doll camp


And the rest to the campgrounds.


The mini doll camp is on my dresser and I stuck the dolls in drawer to get them to stand up.


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