Story Saturday-Friend Fights

I should just make it story Sunday. I never get it done on Saturday.


Katelyn explained the rules. We would have thirty minutes to bake and decorate a cupcake. The best one would win.


We added the ingredients and Mckenna added blueberries.


I filled the pans and started to take them to the oven. Joy was putting hers in. I realized that there wasn’t enough time to do both in the oven and turned back to Mckenna.


“This is a crazy idea.” I said “So please don’t vote me off if we lose.”


I put the cupcakes in the microwave and set the timer.


We started decorating our cupcake, already having iced it, with our supplies around us.


Katelyn came to taste our cupcake. DSCN4066[1]

Then Riley and Joy’s.


We all gathered to hear what Katelyn had to say.

“I think it is clear that the winner is Mckenna and Grace!”

“We Will take a loss.” Joy said before Katelyn even asked.

Now we are tied 1-1


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